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Junk Food Essay

  • Submitted by: anon1234
  • on August 23, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Junk Food" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I strongly believe that the government should enforce a higher price on junk food. I know what you’re thinking why? Or possibly, get off the stage. Well in the past the Australian government had raised the tax on cigarettes, therefore causing a drop in numbers of consumers. Why can’t it be the same with junk food?

If you enforce a higher price on junk food it will cause some people to think twice about buying it therefore making them think about the types of foods they choose. Junk food causes society to be lazy with their choice of food. This is because it is usually cheap, fast and convenient and undeniably tasty. In Denmark the government had raised the price on junk food, finding that more people had bought a variety of healthier foods by 19%. A Danish couple who suffered from obesity with three kids had found the tax on junk food had encouraged them to lose weight, and lead their children towards a healthier lifestyle.

Because Junk food causes lots of health problems it adds a bigger burden on our already stressed public health system. This is because hospitals can only accommodate a limited amount of patients, with certain amounts of space in their rooms. It applies pressure on the staff and the hospital itself. Therefore, hospitals have to invest more funds on bigger beds or larger rooms which could go towards other research studies or wards that require upgrades. Evidence is shown when The Royal Melbourne Hospital had to construct three large rooms designed specifically for people that weighed 300kg and above.  

Junk food not only affects you physically but also mentally as well. A new study with Britain and French scientists surveyed 3, 468 women and men (aged around 55) had shown that by eating more junk food than healthy food, you are more likely to fall to clinical depression, while eating healthily you were less likely to.

Junk food can cause obesity, yeah we all know that but, did you know it can be enough to even kill. Junk food is...

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