Jungle Book Commentary

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The Jungle Book Commentary After reading The Jungle, I could see that Upton Sinclair criticizes much about capitalism and its brutal system for labors. Jurgis Rudkus is the person who is Upton almost focused on. He is the epitome and represents for labors at that time. By using Jurgis, readers can have not a general but a closer look at what was happened of Capitalism, which had major influences for Jurgis: the collapse of his family, the struggle between Capitalism and Socialism and change of his politic view. Jurgis is a strong man who comes from Lithuania. He finds America as a new place in order to fulfill his needs: he wants to support his wife and his children to have a better life. However, it turns out that his family has become worse since. Capitalism has ruled the nation. The way Upton Sinclair writes about the change of Jurgis is quite interesting: how did Jurgis dream for American? But consequently, capitalism changed him. Jurgis has become the unavoidable outcome because of exploitation of American factories. It’s not about making the lives better; it’s about how to survive. Jurgis and his family have to try many ways to make a living. The rich boss is the master who controls every single interaction of their labors. Now the labor is a form of slavery. Chicago stockyards has been ruled by Capitalism, which peasants will forever stay behind the arrangement of the higher class and stick with their lives forever with the machines. Jurgis has to get over of the death of his family people. “Leave it to me; leave it to me. I will earn more money – I will work harder” Pg.19The Jungle - Upton Sinclair. Struggling through much hardness, not only his work affects his health, which makes him not as strong as before, but also his family is a burden of his emotion. His wife got raped by the boss and became pregnant. Physical abuse is shown in order to
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