July 4, 1776: The US Declaration Of Independence

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: US Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776) The United States congress, on July 4, 1776, had to approve the declaration of independence. Thomas Jefferson, who was the primary author of the declaration, wrote the declaration as the formal narration of why the congress had to vote on 2 July, in order to announce the independence from Great Britain, in which case it was a year after the eruption of the American revolutionary war. In addition, it was as a statement that announced that the 13th American colonies had withdrawn to be part of the British Empire. The congress went ahead to issue the declaration of independence in various forms. Initially, the declaration was published in the form of printed broadsheet extensively distributed and read to the nation. The declaration had to stress on some two themes, in which case it includes the right of devolution and the rights of individuals. Such ideas became commonly held by the Americans and had to spread to influence other nations, for instance, the French revolution. The foundation and understandings of the declaration have been contested acutely much, more so, by the scholarly groups of people. In essence, the declaration was a validation of the…show more content…
The British government failed the American people to far reaching extents, in which case even reconciliation was no longer tenable. The only option that American colonists had was to come united and create their own government, in which case it must contain no influence and should be very free from the British rule. This was their only option, as it would have provided for their needs via the granting of power by the populace, instead of the government that would still ensured the suppression of its citizens through the rule of tyranny
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