Juliusceasar a Good Leader Essay

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Demetrius Reid June 1, 2013 ELA 2A Research paper There are many leaders of all time. Some leaders led in wars, movements, as presidents or normal citizens. The qualities that made them good or bad could be smart, dedicated, honesty, hardworking & willing to help others. Julius Ceaser and Martin Luther king Jr’s dedication, hard work & ability to lead people in the right direction made them great leaders of all time. Dedication is shown in both leaders. They spent most of their time either strategizing or boycotting. Julius Ceaser was dedicated in 55bc when he arrived off a coast in Brirarm. According to he came, he saw, he sailed on with 100 ships besides him he avoided ready enemies and sought a better landing site. This shows that he didn’t have to fight but, he was a dedicated leader that wanted the best for his crew. Martin Luther king attended many speeches, marches, and boycotts. Being that he was most of them he was dedicated to his job. “After being selected by numerous racial equality groups MLK initiated many campaigns for racial equality” (pendergast, np), MLK didn’t relax he took his own initiative to do his job to the fullest. The equality makes him one of the best leaders. Both leaders showed an outstanding work ethic. Leaders had to work harder than others to be great and both men that. Julius Caesar won many wars & battles that made him better than others. “Caesar was quick to take advantage of situations by waging successful campaigns against enemies (Encloypedia of world Biography)” Caesar emerged as one of the leading political and social personalities of Rome” (Encloypedia of world bro). His work ethic rocked him to the top of Roman leaders. MLK is still around today. His work is still shown around the world because he wanted and work for hard racial equality. “The I have a dream speech gave national and international change between

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