Julius Caesar V. Abraham Lincoln Essay

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Julius Cesar & Abraham Lincoln The lives of Julius Caesar and President Abraham Lincoln have many unique difference and similarities. The similarities between Julius Caesar and President Abraham Lincoln are compared by their life’s history. Both individuals were once leaders in the past, but people still look up to them even in today’s society. The two men shared a large amount of power in their countries. Julius Caesar and President Abraham Lincoln were both assassinated. The life of Julius Cesar and his assassination was a lot different than Abraham Lincoln but a little comparable. The two individuals both came from two different time periods.( According to julius-caesar2.tripod.com) “Julius Caesar was born in 100 BC in Rome to Aurelia and Gaius Julius Caesar”. At the was a leader in republic country where the people are not involved with the decisions. Therefore, Julius Caesar had most for the power in his country and was able to form a large army. “With the help of the army at his command, it was possible to conquer new territories and so gain a triumph and the pleasure of knowing that your name would be remembered forever in statues and inscribed in monuments, paid for by the war” (Summary of Julius Caesar's Life and Death). As time went on Julius Caser began to develop more power over the years. Julius made his way to praetor ship by 62 BC and many of the senate felt he was a dangerous, ambitious man. (Julius Caser Biography) Just like Abraham Lincoln, Julius Cesar began to have more enemies once he started getting more power. With the amount of power Julius Cesar had, he started to become a threat to the senators who did like him and the changes he was making in the country. Julius Caesars pushed through a special law giving him a five-year command in Cispine Gaul and Illyricum, both provinces in the empire covering North Italy and the Adriatic

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