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Julius Caesar Persuasive Essay In the book Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, the character Brutus helps his friend Cassius in killing Julius Caesar. When he does, many people think of him as a horrible person. Mark Antony, one of Caesar’s close friends, tries to get Brutus killed because he helped in Caesar’s murder. Then, Brutus starts to feel uneasy about the murder, and then he sees Caesar’s ghost the night before a big battle. He tries to persuade himself that it was just his imagination, and he then heads off to Philippi the morning after for the big battle. He says farewell to his friend Cassius, and he says that if they meet again when the battle is over, they’ll laugh about this sad farewell, but if they don’t happen to meet again, then the farewell was completely…show more content…
They part ways and they lead their troops in battle. When the battle gets to be too much, Cassius has his friend Pindarus kill him with the same sword that Cassius used to stab Caesar with. He then dies once he gets stabbed. When Brutus hears of Cassius’ death, he has his friend Strato hold his sword out and he runs into it and kills himself, also. I don’t think that Brutus is a tragic hero at all, because he killed himself, and I don’t think that he did it for a good cause. He wasn’t really dying for anything important, like to save anyone’s life. He just ran into his own sword and ended his own life. Cassius’ death probably had a lot to do with him killing himself, because Cassius was like a brother to him, and they’ve known each other for a very long time, but he didn’t have to kill himself. I also think that the ghost of Caesar had a lot to do with it, too. I personally don’t think that he really saw a ghost, I think it was his guilty conscious reminding him of how bad he felt about killing Caesar, and he saw an apparition. His mind basically persuaded itself into

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