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Julius Caesar Essay In Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare. After Caesar’s death they held a funeral for his honor. Antony and Brutus were not favor of each other because Antony thought killing Caesar was wrong and Brutus the leader of the conspiracy, supporting Caesar’s death . I think Antony was more prosperous because all of Rome to follow him even after Brutus has convinced them. I think Antony was more effective at convincing Rome because of his persuasiveness. One reason was that he told the people of Rome not to blame the Conspirators for the death of Caesar. Brutus says “Mark Antony, here, take you Caesar’s Body. You shall not in your funeral speech blame us” which he agrees and does not talk of them but with his persuasive skills and suggesting the crowd to riot for example “In every wound of Caesar that should move, The stones of Rome to rise and mutiny” that moved the people of Rome to riot and go after the conspirators even the most loyal person to Brutus rioted against them. Both trials of persuasion of Brutus and Antony are different but both try to hypnotize the people of Rome to pick their sides. In Brutus’ speech he brings down the image everyone had of Caesar and makes him seem a tyrant with a lot of greed and want for power. Like when Brutus says “ Had you rather Caesar were living, and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live as freemen”. In Antony’s speech he twists up Brutus words and mocks him. He contradicted Brutus that Caesar was out for everything, the money and power. He has the will of Caesar and announces it to them. “Here is the will, and under Caesar’s seal: To every Roman citizen he gives, to every several man, seventy-five drachmas.” He also states he will give his land to the people of Rome. The outcome of Antony and Brutus speech affects the other in a negative way. Brutus speech even though made the

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