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Finish the part on Cassius – formulate essay and not just random paragraphs, finish incomplete paragraph in guess who’s coming to dinner 2010: To what extent has textual form shaped your understanding of conflicting perspectives? In your response, make detailed reference to your prescribed text and at least ONE other related text of your own choosing. Textual form = different types of genres and the techniques that are used in that particular genre to deal with that topic Close up of mum – effective use of close-up for the mother’s reaction to her daughter’s fiancé humorously and effectively higlights the general racist context in which the film is set. Conflicting perspectives draft essay Interpretations of texts are portrayed by the representation of personalities through situations and events. These representations evoke a fervently impassioned response in the audience raising the notion of conflicting perspectives. Through employing a myriad of techniques the different textual forms shape conflicting perspectives. This battle within perspectives is evident in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Stanley Kramer’s Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner (1967). Each composer skilfully utilises their textual form to effectively shape conflicting perspectives. Within the play Julius Caesar, Shakespeare effectively explores the personality of Brutus. Through the use of a soliloquy one sees Cassius’ view on Brutus. He manipulatively says “Poor Brutus, with himself at war”. This deception aids Cassius in using Brutus while plotting Caesar’s death. It highlights Brutus’ internal struggle for ignoring his personal knowledge as it conflicts with his political ideals.(if you had a complex the complex character question?) demonstrating a fragmented sense of self. Additionally rhetorical question within “Can you see your face?” intensifies the extent to which self reflection

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