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Good evening and welcome to Open Forum’s special addition of Caesar’s bunch tonight, where you; the audience ask the questions and we provide the answers. I’m your host Debra and tonight we will be examining the popular play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. Answering your questions tonight are actors from different backgrounds but all play important characters in the play; Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar is set in Ancient Rome, which follows the life of Caesar; a Roman general rapidly gaining power. Many feared he was getting too powerful thus the assassination of Caesar took place in the hope of saving Rome. This play deals with many themes such as friendship, loyalty, leadership, Power, ambition and conspiracy. Please welcome our special guests of this evening. The questions and statements that these guests are answering have been pre asked by our online viewers and you can find them at www.openforum.com .au/ Julius Caesar/ questions. Our first question comes from our online viewer Sophie Gale of Western Australia. She asks ‘How do Brutus and Antony’s perspectives contrast on the personality of Caesar?” How about Maria you begin with your view on Antony’s perspective. I believe Antony admires Caesar as a leader of the Roman people who is motivated by loyalty. He plays up to the audience by being manipulative and theatrical in order to represent a loyal man who is grieving over the loss of his friend. He says ‘my heart is in the coffin there with Caesar’ and uses a dramatic pause ‘I must pause till it come back to me’ to convey his emotional state and win over the audience. Antony’s funeral speech sways us towards a positive view of Caesar, despite the clear sincerity of Brutus and the ample evidence from Caesar’s own speech of blind monomania. He appeals to emotions by focusing attention on the butchered corpse of Caesar, which is positioned on stage well within

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