Julius Caesar: Conflicting Perspectives

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Hennessy Catholic College HSC Advanced English Module C: Representation and Text Elective 2: Conflicting Perspectives Text: Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Name_____________________________ MODULE C: Representation and Text This module requires students to explore various representations of events, personalities or situations. They evaluate how medium of production, textual form, perspective and choice of language influence meaning. The study develops students’ understanding of the relationships between representation and meaning. (Reread English Stage 6 Syllabus, p 52.) ELECTIVES: AdvancedMODULE C: Representation and TextElective 1: Conflicting PerspectivesIn their responding and composing, students consider the ways in which conflicting…show more content…
* Select key scenes, soliloquies or monologues then deconstruct in detail for techniques and how they have been uses to reveal/expose/challenge/confront perspectives * Identify the conflict that surrounds Caesar and who constructs the conflict * Assess Brutus’ role and internal conflict * Assess Cassius’ revengeful and aggressive stance as a find suggest how he has been used as a foil to Antony or Brutus’ perspectives * How is Cassius’ anger and frustration and fear and need for regicide explored in the text? * Who argues against regicide and why? * Why are the perspectives of Caesar differing across the characters – as a man, as a leader, as a monarch – and how do these differ from Caesar’s own
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