Julius Caesar Cassius Vs Brutus

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Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, retells the actions of the title character's assassination for the benefit of Rome and the aftermath of said event. The audience follows the lead up to the Assassination as well as taking a glimpse of the post-Caesar world via the perspectives of several characters, namely Brutus and Cassius, the two main conspirators of the assassination plot. Brutus and Cassius are both polar opposites, but due to careful analysis by the audience, Brutus would be a better leader in the public eye, has significant respect from the people and is nobler in his actions than Cassius. Cassius would be seem as the more devious of the two, but he lacks integrity and only assassinates Caesar out of jealously, rather than the greater good like Brutus. But due to Brutus being mislead and easily manipulated by Cassius, Brutus would be a more suitable leader to lead Post-Caesar Rome than Cassius, but not to convincingly lead the conspiracy against Caesar. But neither are able to lead the conspiracy and Rome as a whole. Both Cassius and Brutus are friends of Caesar, Brutus respects and loves Caesar but he believes that he would bring chaos to the state of Rome, in comparison to Cassius whom he despises out of jealously and resents the fact that Caesar shows him no favour and is clearly envious of Caesar's growing power and popularity. In the first Act of the play, Cassius was clearly trying to persuade Brutus into removing Caesar from power, but Brutus is uncertain to do so, as he loves Caesar out of respect. " I would not Cassius, yet I love him well..Set honour in one eye and death I'th' other And I will look on both indifferently.." This shows that Brutus is indecisive of Caesar and is unfazed by Cassius's attempt to manipulate him to conspire against Caesar. Cassius has clearly shown of his distaste for Caesar from Scene 2, he is easily viewed

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