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Julius Caesar is a story full of conflicts that ruined the life of Caesar and many others. As the story progressed, problems started to occur. Three main conflicts were Brutus against his own conscience, Brutus against Antony, and Caesar against the conspirators. One of the three main problems started early on the story, Brutus against his own conscience. Brutus was having trouble deciding whether or not killing Caesar was the right thing to do. For example, when Brutus was all alone in his orchard he tells the audience how he can’t sleep knowing that he might actually kill Caesar (II.1.61-61). Caesar was a good friend of Brutus so he had to choose between him and Rome. Would you kill your best friend to save a country? Another conflict that occurred in the story was Brutus against Antony. After the death of Caesar both Brutus and Antony fought for Rome’s support. To get the support, they went before the people of Rome and stated their case, Brutus:why it was good to kill Caesar and Antony:why it was not a good choice (III.2.1-135). In the end the people Rome believed Antony and started a riot against Brutus and the conspirators. When two men go against one another only the smart and courageous one will prevail. The last of the three conflicts I chose was Caesar against the conspirators. Rodriguez 2 Cassius, Brutus and others started the conspirators- who wanted to kill Caesar. For example, Artemidous wrote a letter to Caesar telling him what the conspirators were up to but Caesar never got to read it (II.3.1-8). Also, when Caesar went to the meeting the fifteenth of March, the conspirators taunted him and killed him (III.1.49-77). The conspirators thought killing Caesar would make Rome a better place. Killing is never the answer but back then for most people, it was. Julius Caesar is

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