Julius Caesar Essay

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A Tragic Hero is a greater virtuous character in a dramatic tragedy that is destined for downfall, suffering or defeat. Julius Caesar is who appears to fit a Tragic Hero's Title. Citizens of Rome loved Caesar; they've offered him the throne three times. Caesar was a leader of Rome without even being king and led his army to several of victories. In the Play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, Caesar whom is so arrogant hold extremely so much power is killed by Brutus and others, save roman. While being stabbed Caesar realized he did something wrong if his own men had to take him out. Julius Caesar was well known in Rome his power and wealth boosted his pride. In Julius Caesar By Shakespeare stated, "I shall remember: when Caesar says, "do this", it is performed." (4) Which Means when Caesar gives an order it shall not be questioned but immediately obeyed. Caesar gullibility believes no man shall dare to harm him because he's Caesar, who is in control. Which he never though will happen and it did because his men betrayed and killed him. A Tragic Flaw is a characters flaw or error of a tragic hero that leads to his downfall. In Julius Caesar it states, "Would He were Fatter! But I fear him not: Yet if my name were Liable to fear, I don't know the man I should avoid." (9) Which means even if he was richer it wouldn't mean anything to Caesar his name isn't build to fear any therefore he doesn't know which man to stay distant from. Again his arrogance and pride leaves him completely blind to the truth. It's his men he should fear and be aware of because of their envy that leads to his

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