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Julio Cortázar was a novelist and short story author who combined existential inquiries with experimental writing techniques in his work. He was an essential contributor to the growth of twentieth-century Spanish American literature. He was also one of the most influential figures of the ‘‘Boom,’’ a surge of revolution in Latin American literature during the 1950s and 1960s. Cortázar has influenced generations of readers and writers throughout the world. He has been called a "modern master of the short story." Cortázar was born in Brussells in August 1914. His parents were on a business trip when they became caught up in World War I, as Belgium was invaded by Germany and occupied during the war. In 1918, after the war, his parents moved from Belgium to Switzerland, Spain and finally Buenos Aries. His parents divorced a few years later and Julio remained with his mother and younger sister. As a child his health was poor and so he spent a lot of time at home reading. By all accounts, his childhood was not particularly happy. In an interview in 1977, he described his childhood as "full of servitude, excessive touchiness, terrible and frequent sadness." Nonetheless, his writing gave him some pleasure and he had written his first novel by the age of nine. Cortázar became a teacher at a very young age. He later went to the University of Buenos Aires but did not graduate due to financial need at home. He returned to teaching high school in Buenos Aires. At the age of twenty four, he self-published Presence which was a collection of poems under the pseudonym Julio Denis. In 1944, he was hired to teach French literature at the University of Cuyo, including surrealism. Surrealism is a 20th century art and literature movement that tries to represent the subconscious mind by making fantastic imagery and contrasting ideas that seem to be contradictory. This was around the time

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