Juliet/Romeo Thesis Essay

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Through ou the play, Juliet had to make a tough decision. She had to choose between her loyalty to her family and her husband. She faced the problems bravely and faithfully. Juliet was very faithful to Romeo. She is a very, very faithful character, that is why she didn't really change through out the play. Like a static character. First, she refuses to marry Paris, because she doesn't like him and she's already married. Also, after Juliet was met Romeo, she never stopped thinking and caring for Romeo. And in the last act and scene, Juliet kills herself for Romeo, because she rather die than live without Romeo. That was how faithful she is through out every-act and every-scene in the play. Juliet was also very brave while facing hte conflicts and problems. Back then, refusing your parents takes lots of guts. Juliet did just that. She rejected her parents offer. They wanted her to marry Paris and Juliet just said "NO!" Even though she got yelled at, it was very brave for her to reject her parents like that. Before the night of the wedding for Juliet and Paris, it took Juliet a while to drink that potion Friar Lawrence gave her. She was having all these suspicions and thoughts, that are telling her don't drink the potion. In the end, she drank it with her brave actions. Also, again, in the last act and scene, Juliet did something very brave. She stab herself with Romeo's dagger. She didn't care how much pain she has to go through. She didn't even think or cared about it and i thought it was very brave. In Conclusion, Juliet learned how to be more courages and more loyal. She rejects her parents for the first time, be so loyal to someone the first time, stabs herself for the first time, and being so brave for the first time. She became a stronger person than anyone would never thought her to

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