Julie Rrap "Overstepping" Essay

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Julie Rrap “Overstepping” Julie Rrap is an amazing modern Australian artist; she was born in the county town of Lismore, New South Wales, in the year 1950. From 1969 to 1972 Julie Rrap began studying at the University of Queensland, Brisbane undertaking a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Julie Rrap is the sibling of well-established performance artist and photographer Mike Parr. Her surname Rrap is her actual surname Parr in reverse. Julie Rrap changed her name so that she could establish herself as an artist without the effects of her brother's contentious artworks. Julie Rrap's latest exhibition was entitled 'Escape Artist: Castaway' 2009 and was exhibited at the Roslyn Oxley 9 art gallery in Sydney. Whereas one of her amazing exhibition that was set out in 2001 was termed “Overstepping”. Overstepping is a large format, glossy digital image in which the artist’s feet sprout into fleshy high heels. The visual realism of the feet indicates they ‘belong to a real woman; we are at the same time given both a sense of style and of attractive pain. No woman who has ever worn stilettos can look at Overstepping without smiling. This single image has it all. It describes the female body and the way it is fragmented and operated in the goods of appearance as well as the personal cost of those changes. In the photograph the women has her toe nails painted in the colour red. The females’ right leg seems to be stepping further then the left leg. At the bottom of her heels there seem to be a tone of darkness coming up, right until it fades away with the normal skin colour. The background is just plain white with no patterns or colours added; therefore only under her heel, there is a little, light round shadow. From the females’ knee down, there is a dark tone blending as its going down to the ankle.

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