Julia Alvarez Research Paper

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Daniel Hamilton 5/6/10 Research Paper Alvarez, Julia Julia Alvarez is a Dominican, Hyphen, and American poet. She is a fairly new poet just coming through in the final decades from the century. Alvarez insists and truly elaborates in her writing on importance of essential ties of what she recalls torn and broken by competing with languages and how living in two different parts of the country is effective today, and she lets us in first hand on what is it like. Alvarez has completed a few but very popular novels and many thoughtful, visual poems. Her writing is so popular and well known because it is a deep, dark, and true perspective of how living in a different country, and moving to a new country has an effect on everyone and what exactly happens. Her earliest book Homecoming is her first book of poems. Some describe how she grew up from her own point of view, others point of view, and some other different poems talk about living on the Caribbean and what it is like. One of her most popular books How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents is a story about four sisters starting in their thirties, and it traces all the way back down to when they were young children living back in the Dominican Republic. Also, her two of my favorite poems Dustings and Sometimes the Words Are Just Too Close show why her writing is so popular, the discrete, honest way Alvarez writes is essential and thoughtful for every human out there today. The style of writing in one of Alvarez’s first novels: How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents written in 1991 is extremely unique and indifferent in it’s own way and is totally diverse from how I’ve ever read any other book. It was the first major novel written in English by a Dominican author. This novel different because in the story it has four different narrators (the four sisters) and they all talk about each of their lives and the
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