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Fiona Wang AP Art Ms.Kwon 11/4/10 The idea about AP Art For the AP art, my focus is on the oil painting. Because I studied it for a long time when I was in China. And I think it is more conform of my drawing style. Oil paint thick heap of features and strong plasticity is unmatched by other painting, oil painting This feature makes it in perception produce emotional resonance with the rhythm of people's thinking and efforts. The focal point I want to do is building, animals and different culture. Because I believe those three things is the most beautiful things in the world. The buildings are the excellence of the human-made things. It not just about the shape and useful, also the style. And I think I could use the oil painting to draw it very meticulous. And I will use the color feature to make the painting looks lively in the oil painting. The building Is not just some specific building. It can be a house in a village or a modern building in the modern city. But the main idea is that has a special style with that building. And the animals are a very cute things in the world. Not too many painters will use oil painting to draw animals, but I believe I can use the oil painting to draw animals very lively and I will use the color feature to give every setting of the painting and the animals themselves special color and to let it looks like the real. I want to draw some mammal, because I think they are easier to observe, some of them is lived in our real life. So it can be draw detail. And I want to draw some different culture between America and China. I was living in one of the oldest and had a long history city—Beijing for a long time. So I know China’s culture. And now I come to America. That is my advantage. Because I can compare the two different culture between China and American. And I think it will be special. Because I think China

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