Judy Brady's "Why I Want a Wife"

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In Judy Brady’s essay “Why I Want a Wife,” the author begins by talking about a male friend of hers who had recently divorced and is now in search of another wife. The author then proceeds by questioning why she would want a wife if she were a man, giving reasons throughout the whole essay. Brady uses argument to persuade the reader mainly about gender inequality, how society has always and continues to underestimate women in every aspect. The roles of a woman have changed throughout time, being a good housewife, a fellow companion and a mother was all it mattered before. Today, women are able to pursue an education, to work and to be somewhat more independent, although there continues to be discrimination. Sexism usually occurs in the workplace and in schools. In the workplace, men are commonly secured to top positions and preferred over women who actually meet qualifications, belittling a college degree, discouraging those who are working towards getting one and making females feel incompetent. Glass ceiling, a metaphor used to describe a barrier or a limit to workplace advancement, keeps women from achieving greatness. Also, women earn approximately twenty percent less than men for doing the same job. Our government has failed to promote equality, and on the contrary, encourages discrimination in every aspect possible. It is unfortunate to know how we have not had much progress regarding equality. We have been constantly told that we live in a country where we were all born equal… But are we really? In 2009, President Obama passed the “Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act,” stating how women should earn equal pay for equal work. Unfortunately, we are now one month away from 2013, this is Obama’s 2nd presidency, and there has been no change in the United States. Gender discrimination is something that is within our culture, it comes from our ancestors believing that

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