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[pic] Judith Ortiz Cofer While growing up Giselle Cabada March 15, 2013 Enc 1102, Elsie Owens Broward College, Pines Center Outline Thesis: Introduction I. Judith Cofer: A glimpse of her life and literary work. II. A brief interpretation of her poem. III. Judith Cofer poem “Quinceañera” Conclusion. From the moment we are born, we follow a path of changes. Some of them so small that we barely notice and other so significant, that mark our life in a very special way. Many great poets have written about those moments trying to capture their true essence, like Judith Ortiz Cofer a wonderful writer who according to Poets.org was born in Hormigueros, known as "El Pueblo del Milagro" (the town of the miracle) in Puerto Rico. Cofer, with the support of her family, attended to great schools like Augusta College where she received a B.A in English, and Florida Atlantic University where she got an M.A. Also another interesting fact about her is that, according to The Poetry Foundation web page, Cofer writing was inspired by her grandmother a storyteller in the tradition of teaching through storytelling among Puerto Rican women. Cofer tasting of two cultures American and Puerto Rican, and her points of view of racism, sexism and the struggle of the immigrant is printed all over her work making it a very interesting and delightful reading with a hint of sweet and sour savor, which intensify an already breathtaking experience. Quinceañera is one of those poems written by Cofer that you can feel it very close to you. She tells the story of a young girl who is about to turn fifteen. A young girl who is struggling with the thought of being a woman and with all the responsibilities that goes along with it.

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