Judiciary Indifference Essay

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Title: Intergovernmental Relations in the United States Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Judicial indifference: A lack of concern on the part of the courts toward state and local government interests. For any local or state policy or program to work, it must be supported and enforced by the judiciary system. Any complacency on the part of the judiciary to ensure that the interests of the state are met will lead to utter failure of the well intended laws. This paper is intended to show how the judiciary system can hinder state and local government interest by analyzing the Maryland Domestic Violence laws. It should be recognized that in any democratic society, the interests of the state and those of the local government should directly reflect the interests of the people. As such, any infringement on an individual of the state reflects a direct abstraction of the interest of the state and local government. In this particular case, the Maryland Domestic Violence laws did not prove sufficient to protect the well being of citizens in its state. Due to lack of concern on the part of the courts the death of three children resulted. Sharp criticism was expressed on the level of concern from the judiciary system as the news of the tragic event topped the headlines for several days. This paper seeks to clearly establish the role that the judiciary would have played to prevent this tragic event from occurring. Statement of the Policy Maryland Domestic Violence Laws. The following laws have been stated as they are to avoid any editing that may result in misinterpretation. . General Domestic Violence Articles • Abuse and Neglect Of Elderly Persons • The Maryland law makes provision for protection of the weaker persons in the society by allowing for any local government worker, for example the police, to report any concerns to the local government. Any other citizen of

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