Judiciary Essay

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To go beyond every words, to never let emotion interfere, to take responsibilities confidently, and to have an open mind in every possible reasons and solutions are the qualities of a good counsel officer and at the same time, the traits that I build with my experiences when I became a C.A.T. officer and a writer in our school paper during my high school days. I had to handle confidential matters, I had to divide my time between studying and training and of course, I had to stay up all night reading and editing news reports. Before deciding, doing or talking in this matter, I must listen and analyse not just one side but both to avoid mistakes. Now, I aspire to be a counsel officer to help my fellow students in their issues and problems as they help me grow in this field while using my own skills and talents that I possessed. The important contributions that I can deliver through Judiciary Department are advocating the school rules and policies, reminding students and informing them about the things that each of us must do in order to help our own school, giving voice to those who wanted to be heard and be sure to give them time and just treatment, promoting excellence and responsibility by holding seminars and being a good example to everyone. I am willing to accept criticisms despite time constraints, and time management is about doing your task at the right time and can finish it without exceeding or meeting the deadline. I’ve always been in a situation before, when I had loads of projects, seminars, home works, and C.A.T. training at the same day. I managed my time by simply disciplining myself to do what I can do and never waste any minute and always make sure to finish it by the end of the day. I also set the important things first before jumping to another one. And before going to bed, I check my to-do-list. One must learn how to prioritize things

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