Judicial Tyranny Essay

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Judicial Tyranny Adrienne L. Wesley 2013 CJUS 330-D05 LUO Dr. David Ojo, Professor May 6, 2013 Abstract “The greatest threat to American democracy is the supreme power of judges over political, social and economic policy” (Mellor, 2008). Judicial Tyranny exposes the courts fifty year infiltration of legislative influence, made conceivable by president, congressmen, and voters who relinquished without a contest. The Constitution’s system of checks and balances between the three branches of government has been a misconception for years. The book explores how Judges shape necessary social policy, inflict taxes, oversee schools and prisons, and direct elections. In short, Americans have exchanged the rule of law for the rule of judges. “Without any Constitutional mandate, judges have banned the public recognition of God, redefined marriage, undermined national sovereignty, released a flood of pornography, institutionalized feminist dogma, interfered with elections, and handicapped law enforcement” (Schlafly, 2004). Judicial Tyranny, the New Kings of America, by Mark Sutherland exposes the tyrannical behavior of judges. The book is written to address the general public particularly voters who can influence who is selected for available seats on the Supreme Court. The purpose of the book is to advise the American public on the ongoing struggle with the outwitting Judiciary. Sutherland is also writing to inform Americans regarding what he feels is the abuse of powers of the Supreme Court judiciaries and what can be done to stop it. He also exposes the corrupt nature of judges sitting on the Supreme Court as well Supreme Court nominees. This problem is one that can be seen in multiple levels of government. According to Sutherland, some “members of the Senate “seek to influence and control the decisions of courts by preventing judges who are faithful to the
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