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When someone hears the word Judge the first thing that pops into someone’s head is a power crazed individual that likes to send people to prison. They are also thought to be mean people who already have their mind made up and do not care what the defense says because they are in cahoots with the prosecutions. What the community does not understand is the judge has more on their plate because they have to be impartial to both sides, and after working in the courthouse I have found that most judges are really hard on the prosecution to make sure that they are doing everything by the book. A judge to me is instrumental in the law enforcement community because the law enforcement is not able to do certain jobs because it needs a judge’s signature in order to execute to include search warrants and property seizures. After a person is arrested it is up the judge to decide whether the bail amount is at a reasonable amount. Another thing that a judge does after an arrest is advise the defendant of their rights and ensure that they understand their rights. Judges also make sure that the attorneys on both sides are ready to go to trial if no agreement can be reached. Before a trial both sides can make up a deal, but the judge has to approve the deal before it can be entered on the record. When a judge goes to trial their biggest responsibility is to make sure that the trial is in order and ran to the law. After a trial is complete the judge in some cases will decide punishment and hand down a sentence that they feel is appropriate. Some positive attributes that judges have are integrity because they have to be honest and upright to the law. Also a judge has to have experience with a long track record of positive professional excellence. Finally a judge has to have a good service record which shows his contribution to the community. Then you

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