Judge Systems in Vietnam and Uk

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Vietnamese justice system and the United Kingdom justice system are the best-known justice system of South East Asia and European. While neither country is a biggest country, both are the biggest justice system of their region. This report will compare and contrast some of the independence of the courts, procedural model, principles of operation and appeal process of the two systems. The level trial and trial process of the systems are similar. Primarily, the court systems of the two countries are grouped into several different levels of adjudication from the central to local levels. Secondary, both court system has two levels of adjudication is the first instance and appellate cases are divided into criminal and civil cases. Furthermore, both of the court system applies the appointment to judges. However, the populations of the systems differ greatly in the independence and operating principles of the courts and there is an important difference in their composition. Firstly, in the United Kingdom, parliament is the legislative body is also the highest authority in the court system of the United Kingdom, senate performing the trial through the appellate committee of the senate, parliament became the final level trial for all criminal and civil in the UK whereas in Vietnam, state power is unified, with the assignment and coordination among state agencies in the implementation of legislative, executive and judiciary. The Supreme People's Court is the highest judicial body in the judicial sector. Secondly, operating principles of court in the United Kingdom and Vietnam was followed the principle of public trial and independence. Nevertheless, characterized in the British legal system is the law made by judicial authorities. As the result, when trial judges must follow strict guidelines. In principle it is important that legal precedent. Each court was forced to
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