Judeo-Christain Themes Portrayed In "I Am Legend"

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Film is a form of entertainment that allows its viewers to subconsciously meditate or sometimes just simply laugh . It is also an art set to be explored and used as one’s own unique interpretation of life; with the added indulgence of playing off of societal political, religious and racial perspectives. Such influences are presented in the motion picture ‘I Am Legend’, where Will Smith plays Robert Neville, a military virologist, who is a survivor of an apocalyptic viral pandemic. Due to the ill effects of a faulty cure for cancer, a viral pandemic leaves Neville as the last healthy human in a desolate Manhattan. Those who did not die from the deadly virus mutated into aggressive primal creatures, which are sensitive to UV radiation, therefore, only revealing themselves at dusk. Aside from being faced with the problem of trying to live a ‘The Omega Man’, starring Charlton Heston, was interesting in how is contained Judeo-Christian themes. This trait is inherited by ‘ I Am Legend’, which is probably one of the least recognized aspects of the film. Scattered throughout the film are Judeo-Christian features that are elegantly intertwine within the main threads of the movie. By piecing these religious aspects together, a unique cinematic foundation is established. The evil that surrounds the primal creatures in the film demonstrates the degenerative effect of the human self as a result of sin. The presence of sin is an essential concept in Christianity and Judaism, but what exactly is sin? In a biblical sense, “whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness” (1 John 3:4). The law that is mention in this scripture is established by God; therefore, sin can essentially means transgression or forsaking God’s law. Relating this idea back to the film, the primal creatures are also transgressing against a certain set of laws, which are the laws of

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