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Judas Escariot Play Essay

  • Submitted by: alexa1
  • on May 9, 2011
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Tony Maggio’s performance as Jesus inspired me greatly. This particular character did not have a speaking role until near the end of the play; however his presence and energy spoke volumes. Tony exuded peace and tranquility as Jesus in his stage presence alone. Each time he was near Judas, a sense of comfort and love was felt. Towards the end when he finally spoke to Judas, he really made me feel a sense of urgency and high emotion as he tried to reach Judas as Judas was so near yet untouchable to him. I was able to grasp the feeling of having a love so incredibly strong for someone, and the desperation of trying to make them feel that love in a task that seems so impossible.
Tony did an excellent job of portraying the unconditional love that was felt for Judas by his character Jesus. I really was able to get lost in his performance. I found it very moving because the actor was so sincere in his character. I even was able to notice how gently he walked on stage during certain scenes, almost floating across the stage to Judas.
In the scene where Judas finally embraced the character of Jesus, the actor’s facial expression showed such a sense of intensity in that moment. I was able to feel how important and bitter sweet that moment was. I was able to feel the longing in his character’s face. The feeling to hold someone and for it to not be a long enough embrace, or to be close to a loved one yet still wanting to fill an obvious distance, for me that feeling was shown in the actors face alone. It was truly very moving.

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