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Studies of religion Task#2 Judaism When we discuss the ethical teachings of Judaism and how the ethical teachings play the utter most momentousness role in the lives of adherents we first have to look into the core of its ethical teachings. Commandments of the Torah The Torah is the primary document of Judaism, and is the source of all the basic biblical commandments, in an ethical framework. According to Jewish tradition, these books where revealed to Moses by God. The Torah is the holiest of the sacred writings in Judaism. It is a founding document of Judaism and is divided into five books. In English the name of the books are The Book of Genesis, The Book of Exodus, The Book of Leviticus, The Book of Numbers, and The Book of Deuteronomy. Genesis: Genesis tells of the creation of the world and the unfolding of the covenant between God and Abraham and his descendants. As a result of famine, Abraham’s descendants leave Canaan and settle in Egypt. Exodus: Exodus tells of the miraculous way in which Moses led the Israelite’s out of captivity in Egypt and received the Ten Commandments from God at mount Sinai. The commandments formed the basis of the Jewish religion. Leviticus: Leviticus prescribes the rules of conduct for an ethical and religious life Numbers: Numbers relate to the difficult journey of the Israelites in the desert and the people’s complaints. Deuteronomy: Deuteronomy repeats the Ten Commandments, tells the story of the death and describes the final preparation for entering the Promised Land. The Jews swear by the Torah, as it is a collection of negative restrictions and positive commands. These are offered in the form of historical narrative, genealogy, allegories, and even poetry. The torah is of foremost importance to Judaism. It recounts the sacred history and literature of the Jewish

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