Judaism Essay

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Judaism Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic religions have many differences; yet they have similarities and face an abundance of challenges within their respective religions. Judaism is a religion that dates back centuries before numerous religions were even thought of. It is imperative for each person to continue their traditions, keep the faith, and stay true to their individual religion. This essay not only includes similarities of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions; but also contemporary struggles within these three religions. Judaism and Christianity Similarities Christianity came forth from its largely similar, yet very different origin of Judaism. Judaism, the oldest of the monotheistic religions started with Abraham. Abraham is considered to be the first Jew, also the first prophet by all three major religions today in modern world Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Christianity started as a derivative to its “parent” religion of Judaism in the first century C.E. until 324 C.E. when the Emperor Constantine converted the empire to Christianity. God spoke to Abraham in 1300 BC. It would not be for another 1,330 years until Christianity would develop and move further away from Judaism. Both religions hail from what is present-day Palestine. Although today both religions seem to differ from each other, they started off relatively similar. Christians and the Jewish people believe in one true God and only that one God is worthy of worship. By tradition, both religions believe in one ultimate and divine God, the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac. This God created the heavens, earth, and universe. Christianity adopted the Tanakh (Jewish Bible) as the Old Testament (made up of the first 39 books), and proceeded with the New Testament (made up of the last 27 books). Both Judaism and Christianity agree and believe in the Old

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