Juan Williams Opinion: Obama Is Weak ; Gop No Better

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Juan Williams’ piece “Opinion: Obama is Weak; GOP No Better,” was first featured in The Hill which is a print and online newspaper written for and about congress. The Hill is the largest Capitol Hill news paper in circulation with 21,000 readers. The content featured in The Hill is profiles on political figures and anything dealing with political science and sociology. The Hill attracts writers, such as Juan Williams, that know what they are talking about and the majority of the staff blog and are easy to reach. “Opinion: Obama is Weak; GOP No Better,” is a fitting article to appear in The Hill, because it profiles several congressmen and representatives who may actually end up reading this article. Williams article that is being critiqued is an opinion piece about how strong our incumbent President, President Barak Obama, and the…show more content…
Juan Williams properly wielded quotes and visually exciting words that captivated the audience. He appropriately shows both sides and makes sure that he doesn’t cast to large of a shadow over the opposing position. What was also nice about this piece was the amount of examples that showed that even though Obama has his flaws they are no better than the Republicans that are flinging “flip-flop” and “hypocrital politics” which shows the reader Williams’ belief that Obama is using cool tactics to lead a country in trying times. Williams’ opening and closing compliment and summarize his position on the Obama administration and gives order to the piece. William is also a credible and reliable source for information regarding politics since he is featured as a Fox News political analyst and writes for many large national newspapers such as The New York Times and The Hill and including national magazines such as Times. Overall this article had efficiently achieved what it was written to do: prove that even though Obama is weak at times the Grand Old Party also falters at times

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