Juan Ponce De Leon: First Spanish Explorer

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1. Intro A.Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer. B.He was born in 1460 in San Tervas de Campos, Spain. C.He was the first Spanish explorer to discover Florida. D.Ponce de Leon is a great explorer because he was the first Spanish explorer to discover Florida. 2. The New World A.He went to the New World on the 2nd voyage of Columbus. Later Governor Nicola Ovando, the governor of Hispaniola appointed him frontier governor of the new province Hiuey. B. He was awarded land and Indian slaves for his new province. C.He established a new town in Higuey which he named Salvaleon. D.Ponce de León married Leonora, the daughter of an innkeeper. They had three daughters Juana, Isabel and Maria. Also one son named Luis. 3. Puerto Rico…show more content…
E.The governor then issued a supplementary commission in which the control of the new deposits is explicitly covered. F. Under the powers granted Juan Ponce steadily developed the placer deposits of Puerto Rico for the next few years. Rule in Puerto Rico A.On August 8, Juan Ponce de Leon founded the Caparra Village near the bay on the north coast. B.The Indians were put to work growing food crops and mining for gold. C.Many of the Spaniards treated the Indians very harshly and newly introduced diseases like smallpox and measles took a severe toll on the local population. D.Ponce de Leon divided the island into two jurisdictions, the northern, with Caparra as its capital, under the direct authority of the governor, the southern division, with San German as the capital, under a lieutenant governor. E.A chain of mountains in the interior was the boundary between north and south The Colon family eventually reestablished their rights and control over Puerto Rico forcing Juan Ponce de Leon out. Florida A.Pounce de Leon believed there was a fountain of youth on an island near the
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