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RASHA ABUROMI DWRT0371-04 MRS. JAGNEAUX 04/02/2010 Parking at Lamar University Lamar University is work hard to house everybody on campus; the enrolment at Lamar has been increased for the past a few years. To accommodate the growing student population, the administration has seen to the building of additional dorms and classroom facilities. Lamar University currently, has out dated troubles with parking lots policies as well as their out dated physical aspects. Therefore, Lamar should consider several solutions to solve this problem for everyone on campus. There are a lot of negative aspects about the parking lots’ policies which needs a quickly move the first one is the restricted parking lots. Most of the parking lots are marked with faculty; students are not allowed to park there even if there are a lot of spots available, faculties parking lots are in the front of each building. There are a few parking lots for students to park their cars. The lots are far away from the buildings. There are few parking lots for students to use. Students’ numbers are larger than the numbers of faculty and staff. The lots are far away from the campus buildings; students parking lots are marked with the letter (A) which means all permits can park in that parking lots; the biggest parking lot there are is the montagne center parking lot which not on the main area of campus at all. There is not enough enforcement of the parking policies on campus. Some cars park in the area without parking passes; park illegally on curves and places that’s blocks access; therefore, no enough parking officers to enforce policies. With the above problem Lamar University has to concern another important parking problem which is the physical
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