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Downsizing the JROTC Program in Memphis City Schools Tonya Malone Cambridge University ECL 800 Dr. Suggs Abstract This study is going to compare the behavior of JROTC students on selected character traits to the behavior of non-JROTC students thus determining the benefits of participating in JROTC. The behavior of JROTC students is typically more positive on high quality character traits measured A good character education curriculum can change character traits. Because all students volunteer for the program and are willing to accept the guidance of instructors and hard working students JROTC produces more successful students. Introduction Army JROTC has a long and proud tradition of service to the nation through the betterment…show more content…
If a student intends to enlist in the Armed Forces, they will be granted a higher rank upon entry due to their completion of JROTC. If a student decides to go to college, JROTC is a great extracurricular activity to add to an application. The self confidence gained from completion of JROTC and skills learned during the course of instruction are ideal training for anyone wanting to attend college. Last, ROTC, which stands for Reserve Officers Training Course is a great avenue to pay for college. The “big brother” of JROTC offers college scholarships to those who qualify. Membership in JROTC is a perfect start for this. As a member of JROTC one can expect to gain a great deal of self confidence that will become a building block for future accomplishments throughout their life. The programming is geared to build a team of students that work together to overcome difficult challenges and by doing so build their individual confidence as well as team confidence to face any challenge. Camaraderie is further enhanced throughout the program as students wear uniforms at least once a week to display their unit pride. Lastly, as a member of JROTC, one can expect to graduate from high school as JROTC graduates receive high school diplomas at a much higher rate than non JROTC…show more content…
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