Jrotc Helps Me with Peer Pressure Essay

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JROTC Helps Me with Peer Pressure Just like every other high school in the United States, mine is filled with peer pressure. There are constantly people asking you to buy drugs or even to help them deliver or sell them! However, when I walk into my 6th period, JROTC, all that mess is left behind that door. You feel a sense of leadership and safety inside those 4 walls. Every day we say the Cadet Creed as part of the opening exercises. Part of that creed says, “I will work hard to improve my mind and strengthen my body.” As if I hadn’t already had my mind set on not involving myself with drugs or alcohol, this part of the creed definitely reminds me of why I had the privilege of getting in the program in the first place. Drugs are not the only thing that involves peer pressure, though. Cheating, lying, and stealing are all other forms of peer pressure as well. Every day I get asked to do these things but I always manage to think back to JROTC and of how upset my leaders would be if I followed through with those things. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Rebecca Mimms always influences my decisions as well. I would hate to dishonor the program or her by joining in with pathetic wastes of my time when I could be serving others or studying, etc. Overall, JROTC has had a huge effect on my decisions. I can’t think of how I would be if I didn’t have Sergeant Major and First Sergeant to put me back in my place when I step out of line, whether it is with simple things or big things, like peer

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