Jrotc And Peer Pressure Essay

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JROTC is a program which can enhance your education by providing unique leadership training and management. The JROTC experience is a character builder that strengthens self-discipline, courage, and integrity. It helps you develop the qualities necessary for success in either a military or civilian career. The skills you develop for successful command are the same skills you'll need for success in the corporate world. But JROTC can also help with peer pressure. Leadership, it’s a quality we all know about and one that not many people possess. Being taught how to lead can really help you stand up too peer pressure. For example, ever since I have been in JROTC I feel that I don’t have to follow what my friends are doing even if they all say it will “make you cooler”. I’m not afraid to stand up to my friends and do what I know is right. With leadership you can make your own decisions and you not as easy to be influenced by others. Self-esteem, it’s another quality that can help defy peer pressure. The definition for self-esteem is “a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect”. On JROTC uniform days, some people will make fun of the uniform I wear and JROTC in general, but I don’t have a problem with that because I know that I don’t have to carry myself the way other people do or quit something because I’m being made fun of. My definition of self-esteem is the way someone thinks or the way someone carries themselves. Self-esteem can be a major factor when it comes to peer
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