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JROTC is an excellent program to help people learn about communicating with others, map reading, first aid, and how to solve real problems faced in life. All the things we use in life when interacting with others. Before I had joined JROTC I had no idea what the program was really about I thought it was a class that prepares you for the Army, but after being in it for a second year I had came too really love the program. Most of the things we learn in it and the things we do, we don’t learn anywhere else. I think that it’s really helpful to help you become a leader later in your life. The mission of JROTC is to “motivate young people to become better citizens”. I want to become a part of that group of people. Another reason that I joined the program was to surround myself with positive peer pressure, instead of negative peer pressure that happens everyday in school. I had made many new friends after joining the program and realized who my true friends are. We all look after each other and stick together like a family. Lastly, I joined the program because I thought it would be an honor to wear the uniform and show everyone the pride behind it. When someone older sees me looking sharp in my uniform, I feel kind of like an authority figure and feel like I look so good in it. I feel like being in JROTC it will make me better as an individual and I will be part of a team that is always looked up to and respected. JROTC should be in all schools and it should be a required course for all students to graduate, not just an elective. It teaches what should be common knowledge among students these days and at this age, the age that most students fall into the negative path of peer pressure. I also love the fact that everyone in JROTC is a BIG HAPPY FAMILY AND NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND OR

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