Jp Morgan Pr Damage Control

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Final Paper Candice Blair University of Maryland University College PRPA 601 Turnitin score: There are few betrayals worse than mishandling money that someone has entrusted to you. Imagine the damage control needed when institutions whose purpose is to manage others’ money, mishandles the finances of millions of people. In 2012, the financial world was shattered with the implosion of one of the world’s banking giants, JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM). Due to a complex trading portfolio that was dubbed the “London whale”, which amounted to over $6 billion in losses, JPM was accused of misleading its investors in order to boost profits, but asserted that they (JPM) were acting on the best information that they had at the time. A lengthy investigation and several hearings pressed JPM leaders on their trading practices. One hearing in particular, conducted by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations accused the banking giant of misleading investors and regulators about the risks taken during trading. In his testimony, JPM’s chief financial officer, Douglas Braunstein, “said his statements were based on what he knew at the time, conceding that in hindsight the credit portfolio ‘did not act as a hedge, it changed dramatically and we misunderstood the risks’” (, 2013). Later in his testimony, Braunstein mentioned that his 2012 pay was cut in half to approximately $5 million, because of the trading debacle. Other bank officials made similar statements in an attempt to dispel public opinion that they, and everyone in the banking industry, were overpaid and over-privileged. From a public relations standpoint, in light of millions of people losing their jobs altogether and struggling to provide

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