Joyous Moment in Life Essay

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Every person has their own personal moments which are the moments of everlasting joyness. My brother’s marriage was such a moment in my life. The marriage was celebrated in an Indian style. It was a weeklong celebration. We had celebrated it in India. His bride was a catholic girl who is working as a software engineer in a multinational company. They had encaged two weeks before their marriage. But they were friends for longtime since their high school. So they know each other personally. The first of the traditions takes place around the engagement. It is a very widely practiced custom for the groom and his family to visit the home of the bride. In a rather moving ceremony, the prospective bride and groom exchange rings that are blessed by their parish priest. The day before the marriage is celebrated more than the day of marriage. The Bachelor Party is a time honored tradition that is hosted by the bridegroom the night before the wedding. It is also called a “dance party” because it is for men only. This is the groom’s last night as a bachelor and he is expected to use this party as a way to enjoy that final bit of freedom. It is a night of drinking, revelry and merry making. However, prior to the start of the serious drinking, it is customary to raise a toast to the groom. We had decorated the whole house using flowers and other decoration items. My brother was dressed up like a bride groom for the party. The part I like most was the reception. I ate a lot of food on that day. There were a lot of Indian dishes for the party. After the reception the dance party started. My brother also danced with them. Then the real ceremony of the day started. The groom was made to sit on a decorated couch. As I was not married my elder cousin played my role in the ceremony. She brought a cup of milk before the audience with

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