Joyce’s Exploration of God and Religion Essay

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Throughout the ages, literature has consistently reflected the activities and interest of a people of a certain place and time. Therefore, some themes have been dominant in literature from the Anglo-Saxon times to the present. One of these themes is God and Religion that is explored in the modern British short story “Araby” by James Joyce. James Joyce was born on February 2, 1882, by the parents of John and Mary Joyce in Dublin, Ireland. Joyce did not have his life made for him. Early in his life he had to move from place to place. Joyce’s father was unreliable with his money and because of this Joyce saw eviction notices. Even though Joyce was poor, he ended up going to Clongowes Wood College which is a Jesuit Catholic boarding school. During his time of attending college, Joyce was only twelve years old. Later, he transferred to another Jesuit school called Belvedere College. At this college, Joyce began to be known as an extraordinary writer and won several national competitions (Wilson 2). Later in Joyce’s life he attended the University College in Dublin. At this time Joyce began to not agree with Catholic teachings. After some time had passed, Joyce graduated from the University College of Dublin, and met his soon-to-be wife, Nora Barnacle. Joyce knew, however, that he and Nora could not live together in Dublin. Then in 1904, Joyce’s mother died and this is when Joyce and Nora left Ireland and lived in several other countries in Europe. (Wilson 2). After Joyce left Ireland, he began his first major piece of work called “Dubliners.” “Dubliners” was a group of fourteen short stories that included the works of “Araby”. Joyce worked on the stories between 1904 and 1906; however, they were not published until 1914. All of these stories were about Joyce’s native country of Ireland and how they related to how Joyce feels about his life (Wilson 2). Joyce usually

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