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Windows® 7 for Educators Step-by-step Windows® 7 for teachers and faculty Step-by-step Introducing Windows 7 You strive to make new and exciting things possible for your students and for yourself. Meanwhile, you’re limited on time and want everyday, and not so everyday, tasks to be simpler and easier. This is where Windows® 7 comes in. Windows 7 is ultimately about the things you told us you care about. We set out to streamline and simplify common tasks and designed new features to be intuitive and familiar. Get things done faster, easier, and better than ever before. | Take a Windows 7 tour, and watch videos about Windows 7 features here: | Get Windows 7 For more information about getting Windows 7—either for a PC you already own or on a new PC you’d like to purchase—visit There you will find information about system requirements, upgrade considerations, installation instructions, and more. Get what you need in an instant Accessing frequently used programs and files Many of us have a fairly small group of programs and files we use often. So it makes sense to keep them handy all the time. The Start menu is essentially a blank slate that you can organize and customize to suit your preferences. Click the Start button. If you don’t see the program you want, simply type it into the search box. You can then pin your favorite programs to the Start menu for easy access by right-clicking the program and clicking Pin to Start Menu. You can also pin your favorite programs to the taskbar by right-clicking the program and selecting Pin to Taskbar, or by dragging the program from the Start menu or the desktop to the taskbar. You can rearrange the buttons on the taskbar any way you like by dragging them. In this example,

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