Joy of Research Essay

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An annotated bibliography will benefit me as a student in several helpful ways. It will allow me to comprehend my topic further, help me gain prospective on my thesis to develop my point of view, and understand what other research already exists regarding my chosen topic. It also helps with proper research skills, giving me a chance provide an understandable overview of my topic, which may help my fellow classmates out as well by giving them the option of using the same source for their own research. The process of gathering and compiling recourses will contribute to help one’s preparation of a professional portfolio by giving main ideals that are limited and detailed, but right to the point. Prospective employers do not have the time to thoroughly review each and every candidate’s resume, especially in today’s society. The responses to open positions are very great in an amount; they are bombarded with replies. This process gives you a chance to “sell” your self to the interviewer. A professional portfolio, such as for a medical assistant may include the following information, Resume and Career Objectives, References, Volunteer Services, Memberships and Affiliations i.e. American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) or The Virginia Society of Medical Assistants (VSMA), and Documents such as copies of Awards, Diploma / Degree, Certifications. Also a personal professional portfolio will help you keep track of prior researched information, in which you may need at any time. This will help keep one organized allow to go back and refer to whatever information you need. As a Medical Assistant, information regarding insurance, medical terminology/abbreviations, recalled medications may be a good source of information to keep track of for various reasons in the medical profession. Say for example, when completing the chief complaint; reason for the patient’s
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