The Joy That Kills

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“The Joy That Kills” Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin in my opinion is a great short story. It is mainly about a young woman, Mrs. Mallard, who is told of the death of her husband by a train wreck by her sister, Josephine, and Richard, her husband’s friend at the beginning of the story. She has heart problems and has been told the news of her husband’s death as gently as possible. At first, she seems okay with the news; she simply goes upstairs alone and sits in her room. She contemplates the news by looking out the window, and realizes how happy she can be now that her husband is dead. It sounds harsh at first, but then explains how unhappy she was in her marriage. She realizes that now she can live only for herself, for once. Her sister brings her downstairs and to all their surprise, Mr. Mallard enters into the house. He has no idea of the train wreck, due to the fact that he was far away from it. Josephine cries out because of her amazement, and Richard suddenly tries to prevent Mr. Mallard from seeing his wife. It was too late, and Mrs. Mallard died. She was said to have died of heart disease. My experience in reading this story was difficult at first, because I did not understand what had happened at the end. I had to read it several times to fully comprehend what had happened throughout the story and was surprised at how much I was interested in it. Usually, stories about women’s issues do not particularly interest me, but this one did because of the sadness I felt for Mrs. Mallard. Mrs. Mallard was a woman who did not love her husband as much as he loved her and felt bonded by the chains of marriage. “There will be no powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow-creature” (Chopin 261-262). Upon the news of his death, she felt free. “There
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