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Abstract This paper focuses on the rise and career of Jovita Carranza within United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) where she became the president for Latin America and the Caribbean. Highlighting some of the reasons behind her success such as her continued interest in learning and being open to whatever opportunities present themselves. This mindset has given her the experience and skillset to not only to further her career but also to successfully lead others. Minicase #1 Developing Leaders at UPS: Jovita Carranza The story of Jovita Carranza is an example of how someone with the right attitude and desire to learn can accomplish great things. Professional background of Carranza Meteoric rise at UPS The success of a part-time clerk. In the beginning Jovita Carranza started out as a clerk, and after a career spanning twenty five years, ended up serving as vice president of domestic operations and president of international operations for Latin America and the Caribbean of air operations for United Parcel Service. She started at UPS because, as a 26 year old single mother attending college, she needed to find a way to make ends meet. Political career of Carranza Deputy Administrator of the U.S. Business Administration Unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate in 2006. She was appointed by President George W. Bush and as the Deputy Administrator for the United States Business Administration. An agency with more than 80 field offices across the country she led operational improvement initiatives and projects. What makes Carranza a leader Major skills and experiences Would it have been similarly impressive. In an interview with the Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy, when asked what she contributes her success to she remarked, "I attribute my success to hard work, solid experience and

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