Journeys-Rabbit Proof Fence Essay

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A journey to me personally is any form of adventure undertaken by a person alone or with a group of people. The circumstance of each journey will differ making it either a physical, emotional or imaginative journey. Each type of journey has a different impact on the individual also depending on the type of journey, it can have an emotive or even imaginative consequence. If you are facing hardship throughout your physical journey, you will most likely end up experiencing an emotive journey regardless of you being conscious of this or not. You could also be experiencing an emotive journey and at the same time begin an imaginative journey where you might play out different scenarios in your imagination. In my essay today, I will be speaking of the physical journey undertaken in the 1930’s by a group of half caste siblings during the times of discrimination against aboriginals where the two racist policies, The White Australian Policy and Assimilation, were in action. My story was extracted from the film “Rabbit Proof Fence”, by Phillip Noyce and my supplementary material to illustrate this is “The Road Not Taken”, a poem by Robert Frost which also reflects the difficulty of choosing the correct path to a physical journey which is to be undertaken. Molly, Gracie and Daisy are three sisters who lived hardship in the 1930’s because their mother was Aboriginal and their father was a white, making the three of them identified as half castes amongst the whites. Unfortunately for these three children, there was a policy in action known as Assimilation, where the whites tried to steal the generation and turn them to whites. In order for this policy to be enforced, for Molly, Gracie and Daisy, it meant they would be taken away from their Aboriginal families in Jigalong and moved to discipline camps where they would be turned into white people. Throughout this discipline camp,

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