Journeys Provide Opportunities to Learn

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Journeys provide opportunities to learn - Essay S.T Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (1798), Phillip Noyce’s “Rabbit Proof Fence” (2002) and “Contact” (1998) directed by Robert Zemeckis highlight the relevance that “journeys provide opportunities to learn.” In the texts studied, the characters have demonstrated an opportunity to learn through their experiences, relationships, struggles and this will be detailed in the following paragraphs. Throughout these texts, examples are raised that reinforce this statement. Journeys are experienced by people and their perception of the world may differ because of it. It really is the experience or adventure that provides opportunities to learn. In S.T Coleridge’s poem, “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (1798), the mariner finally finds peace and reconciliation after his long and tormented journey. Although the Albatross is a Christian symbol of hope, it is also a symbol of guilt to the mariner. The mariner suffers anguish and pain as the Albatross hangs on his neck, plunging him into hell. From this point, the mariner begins to realise the act that he committed was extremely terrible. The imagery created through the use of anaphoric assonance, “Alone, alone, all, all, alone, alone in a wide, wide sea” with “nothing but agony” shows the anguish and pain of complete isolation. The mariner had a negative perception of the world which led him to shoot the Albatross. Throughout his tormented journey, he learns that the shooting of the Albatross was wicked as it is innocent and a part of nature. He then redeems himself by telling his story to the Wedding Guest who “went like one that hath been stunned, he was a sadder wiser man.” Hence, “journeys provide opportunities to learn.” Obstacles are encountered in one’s journey making it difficult to struggle for their beliefs and become a completely different person. In the film
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