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More than anything else, physical journeys are about the interpretation of the new. Do you agree? Argue your point of view. I agree that the most important aspect of physical journeys is the interpretation of the new. Physical journeys involve obstacles and movement to new places, which allows the traveller to extend themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. In order for travellers to extend themselves this way, they must respond to and interpret NEW challenges and experiences they face whilst on the journey. This will also allow them to gain a NEW understanding and interpretation of themselves and the world around them, which is one of the most desirable and beneficial outcomes of a physical journey. Skrzynecki’s Immigrant Chronicle, particularly the poems ‘Crossing The Red Sea’ (CTRS) and ‘Immigrants at Central Station, 1951’ (Immigrants at Central) are both about physical journeys in which the interpretation of the new is a very important aspect. The non fiction article ‘Dock of the Bay’ by Kylie Davis which featured in the Sydney Morning Herald November 24-25 2007 and an excerpt from the novel Ship of Magic: The Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb also show the importance of the interpretation of the new on physical journeys. ‘CTRS’ is about migrants fleeing from war-torn Europe to Australia via boat. They are coming to Australia in search of a new life in a stable country, away from the horrors of the war. This poem shows their physical and inner journey as they cross the Red Sea. The journey away from the land they know means that they must face many new experiences, so their physical journey requires them to interpret many new aspects. It shows the importance of interpretation of the new whilst on physical journeys through the use of poetic techniques, such as personification and metaphor. For example, blah blah and blah show the migrants interpreting

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