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Inner journeys of the mind and spirit radiate a connotation of accomplishment and triumph. Whilst the end result for Sally Morgan in her novel “My Place” is one of victory, the focus be on the process by which this result occurred. The more rewarding aspect would be reflecting on the journey itself whereby obstacles are overcome, and failures become victories. This process of being “moved” is what Shirley Geok-lin Lim alludes to in an extract from ‘The Town Where Time Stands Still.’ In illustrating this desire to ultimately arrive at a destination of enlightenment, we can directly compare Sally Morgan to Richard Bach’s character; Jonathan Livingston Seagull. The two characters both experience a movement in mind and spirit, and are presented by the composers with sophistication in the use of effective language techniques. Bach’s use of the sustained metaphor of flight, and Morgan’s conceptual use of finding ‘[one’s] place’, are tools that assist in depicting Lim’s concept that we “hope to be moved rather than to move”. It is Lim’s didactic tone and well-informed approach, that make her philosophy on journeys in the “purer realm of travel”, so readily comparable to the examples of Sally and Jonathan. Sally Morgan experiences a change in understanding. She makes a movement from ignorance to knowledge, from an insecure aboriginal child to a confident adult. Morgan uses an extremely personal tone, to develop an intimate relationship with the audience. Sally illustrates a search for her “place” in the world; using anecdotes to create a sense of nostalgia. Morgan delves into the rawness of racial hatred and her barriers of naivety and ignorance. The knowledge Sally gains from the obstacles she endures, is the kind Lim refers to when describing the “return to the place from which [she] came, blessed and altered.” Altered in the same way is Jonathan Livingston seagull,

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