Journey's End Essay

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‘Journey's End’ is the seventh and most famous play by R. C. Sherriff. It is set in the trenches at Saint-Quentin, France, in 1918, and gives a brief glimpse into the experiences of the officers of a British Army Infantry Company in World War I. Throughout this essay the focus will be on how Sherriff conveys the theme of loss in a more powerful and effective manner compared to Faulks’ ‘Birdsong’. Sherriff does this by the wide range of language. The focus will also be on how Sherriff exploits his characters to portray the theme of loss to the characters and the reader. Already the readers have an idea of loss as they read the title of the play ‘Journey’s End’ foreshadowing the events in the play. In ‘Journey’s End’ the loss of sanity is also a prominent issue between the soldiers. The language used and the significance of Hardy ‘drying his sock over a candle flame’ and not putting on a new dry pair creates the loss of reality and sanity. Hardy is described as a ‘cheerful looking man’ in their conversation in act one, Hardy and Osborne try to make jokes in order to lighten the atmosphere. “Excuse my sock wont you?” “Certainly, it’s a very nice sock”. Sherriff adds the humour into the play so the readers forget about the war, he then he uses language and phrases such as “we’ve only got four at present, but a new man’s coming up tonight,” to bring the readers back into the play as they realise the harsh reality of war and loss for when someone dies, they just get replaced. Stanhope could be compared to Siegfried Sassoon in Pat Barkers’ ‘Regeneration’ Despite their hatred for the war which is driven by anger, they both return to the war to support there men. Sassoon wrote a declaration that was published in a newspaper putting across his point of view about the
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