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My Journey To The Top HCS/301 June 14, 2010 Diana Schilling My Journey To The Top The top has different meanings to different people. To some, it may be obtaining that dream car, dream house, or being financially wealthy. But my definition of the top is not materialistic. Of course I would love to be financially stable. But my over-all goal is for my family and I to be happy. I have many struggles, so obtaining or reaching that goal will take a great deal of effort. It will take an assortment of support, physical and emotional, from family, and friends. But with determination, my goals will be met. I have already reached a goal that I never imagined would come true and that was becoming an Registered Nurse. My passion for nursing has driven me to pursue other areas of nursing and that is to which my goals come to play. I have numerous goals that I want to accomplish in my lifetime, so narrowing it down to two each was quite difficult. I have two main professional goals that I believe I need to fulfill. For my short-term professional goal, it is to complete and receive my bachelor of ‘science in Nursing. I chose the online route because I think it would be more manageable. Additionally, hearing nothing but impressive reviews from family and friends about the “University of Phoenix” made my decision much easier. Possessing a full-time job and a family to provide for, I believe that this would be my best and easiest way to fulfill this goal. Brown and Amankwaa (2007) mentioned that being a student and mother are extremely strenuous and when combined both roles, may be hard for them to manage. Before enrolling, I weighed my options and wrote down some pros and cons. I will have to remain dedicated, focused and

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