Journey to Success Essay

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Journey to Success My ‘home’ in life, the dream that I would love to reach, is being successful in life, school, and everything that I do. But while being so evolved around being perfect, getting my PhD, having a perfect life, and planning out all the details, I haven’t quite thought of all the obstacles that might knock me down, or how I might have to pick myself up. I’m still ready for whatever comes my way and I’m ready to persevere through the hardest most terrible times in life. Here’s my short, little plan to success that I would like to fulfill. I would like to graduate high school with a high GPA and go to a University. Once I get my Bachelors Degree (still not quite sure what the major will be), I would love to continue on with my education, hopefully to get my Masters Degree. Later in life, if I believe that I can -which I can- I will continue on with my education, to get my Doctorate, or PhD. I believe that my purpose in life is to succeed and I shall succeed, hope to succeed, and pray I will succeed. Some obstacles that may keep me from reaching ‘home,’ or my goal in life, are being lazy, not having the time or money, but the biggest obstacle of all is myself. One of the many obstacles that may stop me from reaching my goal is being lazy. It can affect my ability to study for tests, not do homework, and maybe even skip classes. Another obstacle that I may face is not having enough time or money. This may affect the amount of time I have to study, the amount of time I have to finish homework, the amount of money I need to spend for books, and the amount of money I need to pay for my college tuition. Despite all of these obstacles, the biggest roadblock in this journey of reaching my goal would be myself. I’m a huge perfectionist, and I admit it, but sometimes I have to sit down, breathe and tell myself that perfectionism is just a goal in life. Also, I

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